THE KING JAMES BOYS  - LIVING ON A PROMISE – MORNING GLORY MUSIC (2020) - Reviewed By Severin Theinert for Uncut Grass March 13, 2020



This is the 12th album from one of the most active Bluegrass Gospel bands in the industry. What started as a local project in 1994 for their own church has now ended up with many chart-topping tracks and performances nationwide. On their first record with Morning Glory Music of the Mountain Fever group, The King James Boys deliver what made them famous: the combination of southern gospel harmonies combined with modern bluegrass sounds. With Randy Spencer’s unique voice and guitar playing, joined by Cole Spencer playing the bass and singing harmony, Curtis Lewis on the banjo, Will Hart playing the mandolin and adding guitar and harmonies, and last but not least Dr. Jeff Dover providing his signature bass harmony. At the beginning of February the band also announced their newest member, Josh Greene, on fiddle. Sadly is not included on these recordings, but we look forward to seeing what he will add to the formation. 

The ten tracks on this new album include the first very popular single “More Than Enough“. Followed by the Barney Rogers penned hit, “Heaven's Most Wanted List“. My two personal favorites, that I highly encourage you to check out, are “Where Would I Be“ and “Be Prepared“. Two different sides of bluegrass gospel are represented here. The first one an up-tempo bluegrass gospel song and with an uplifting drive. The second more thoughtful with a call and response harmony and a lovely, old-timey feeling. Both tunes are carried by the striking and passion filled voice of Randy Spencer and outstanding harmony singing from the rest of the band. 

This record easily as ranks high up as other recent mega hit Gospel releases, “Gonna Rise And Shine“ by Alan Bibey & Grasstowne or “Lord Help Me Find The Way“ by Ralph Stanley II & the Clinch Mountain Boys. I'm sure that anyone who is either in to gospel music or modern bluegrass will find something to suit them on this new record from The King James Boys. 

March 2020

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